Time for CISOs to rethink collaboration/communication technologies, again

It was only two years ago that CISOs started to realize with alarm that the latest wave of collaboration and communication tools was invading their organizations.  These tools, often called Web 2.0, include blogs, wikis, Facebook, Twitter, and the like. The last year or so has seen a recognition that many of these tools offer legitimate productivity benefits (as well as the fact that the security function probably can’t really prevent their use anyway). This has led most CISOs to work to find ways to allow safe use rather than try to block these technologies.

The worm has turned again.  A few headlines for your consideration:

  • IREC’s sister Council that serves Corporate Communications executives reports a sharp increase in use of Web 2.0 tools and two-way messaging for internal communications.  The move both reduces costs and increases the effectiveness of communications. The explanation for increased effectiveness is twofold: people are generally more persuaded by information from their peers, and the comfort that “Generation Y” has with this mode of communication.
  • Other sister Councils serving HR and Marketing executives have been reporting use of Web 2.0 tools for external communications for more than a year now.
  • Officials are turning to texting to teach sex ed (registration may be required).

In these times of budget cuts CISOs need to double down on high ROI security tools, and security awareness is high on that ROI list. Maybe it’s time to make limeade from LimeWire and start using these tools to convey security messages in our own organizations.  Tweets warning of spearphishing attempts anyone?

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