Welcome to the IREC Blog

If you are not familiar with the Information Risk Executive Council, we are a research and advisory services  group that serves as an “intelligent network” for Information Risk* executives at large organizations—to share insights, data, and best practices.

 But why do we need a blog?

 1) The IREC research team sits at the center of this network. As a result we have dozens of conversations with CISOs each week, so we hear a lot more interesting facts and ideas than can be presented in our formal research.

 2) Also, as part of the Corporate Executive Board, we are in close contact with sister programs serving the entire executive suite. This gives us unique cross-functional insight into the challenges of managing information risk in a large organization.

 3) Finally, we like to think that we often have a different take on information risk matters than the trade press. We’re happy to take a more skeptical eye to sensational claims because our members want the right answer, not an exciting headline that sells papers.

 These three points should also give some idea of what we will be blogging about. Our regular blogging cast includes: Jeremy Bergsman, Carsten Schmidt, and Parijat Jauhari along with yours truly. This is an experiment for us – will IREC members and other Information Risk leaders engage with us and with each other through a social media platform? Can we get our ideas out to you quickly and in an engaging manner?

 Hop on the bandwagon and let’s find out!

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