Getting ready for the next round of web focused smart phones

Two years ago Apple introduced the iPhone and initially most IT Security organizations were caught off-guard. I remember talking to several CISOs and most of them said that they would just ban the iPhone. Well, it is now two years later and I think most CISOs out there would agree that that was not really an option – especially not since the phone quickly became a CEO toy. What happened back then I think could be described as a big underestimation of the adoption of the iPhone and what this would mean for corporate IT and corporate IT Security group.

We are now less than a month away from Palm introducing its iPhone competitor the Pre, and we are likely a month away from Apple announcing its third generation of the iPhone. While the Pre might not beat the iPhone’s excitement levels or adoption numbers it could do so, especially judging by the good reviews it is getting so far.

This makes me wonder if CISOs have looked at what widespread adoption of the Pre would mean for their organizations. Have CISOs together with their IT peers talked to Palm about integration of the new device into corporate infrastructure, or how the devices can be secured? If not, what are the plans for corporate IT shops come early June, when maybe hundreds of employees find ways to connect their Pre to the corporate email network.

Let us know what your plans are.

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One Comment on “Getting ready for the next round of web focused smart phones”

  1. Jeremy Bergsman Says:

    And then there will be Google Chrome.

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