Obama lends CISOs a helping hand?

 This week Obama gave a warning to kids about their social media activities. I’d like spend some space here to analyze how effective this might be.

My first reaction to was this was “great!”. Oganizations–or more typically people in their organizations–are diving into social media use.  But, as we describe in this week’s Business Week, organizations lack governance and policies around social media. One thing our member CISOs have been working hard on over the last year is user educuation on appropriate use of social media. Any attention is a good thing, and this will likely get some play in the media.

Then I thought about our research into how security awareness messages change user behavior. We analyzed the differential effect of communications depending on the source of the message–manager, colleage, etc. We can probably draw a rough parallel between these corporate positions and people in a kid’s life:

  • Direct Manager = Parent
  • Colleague = Friend
  • CEO = Obama
  • Information Security = ???  Maybe a nerdy teacher at school?

With this, maybe it’s worth a moment to extrapolate from the data we have. Here’s a graph of the relative* effectiveness of these sources:

communication source

So, as we probably already knew, it is likely best for parents to talk to their kids about this subject, but the President’s message should be pretty effective.

* (Maximum Impact is actually an absolute measure, but a bit involved to explain here. Contact us if you would like more information.)

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