Good Reading in Information Risk

There is no end to blog posts and news stories about the latest new technology threat or complaints about how the business just doesn’t “get it” about information risk. Unfortunately there are not so many good reads out there for people who like to think strategically about information risk. Here is a short list of good information–let us know what you have found in the comment section.

1: The RSA Innovation site recently released the fourth in their series of reports based on discussions with 10 large company CISOs (the “Security for Business Innovation Council”, most of whom are friends of IREC). These are really thoughtful pieces and well worth the read.  (We’re still trying to figure out where the photographic themes come from though!) The reports are a little hard to find there, so some deep linking:

2: Verizon Business’ data breach reports. For years IREC members have been asking us to collect incident data as a start to make credible estimates of risk based on real outcomes. Of course the problem with this is that few organizations are willing to share incident information. Verizon Business has a special position as a solutions provider to a large number of companies that gives them deep access to incident data, and they have been kind enough to analyze and publish the information for everyone’s benefit.

3: Intel’s Communities / IT@Intel site has tons of blogs on a variety of subjects. You can cross search them for security topics and find a lot of good stuff. Here are two especially good posts:

4: A couple of books recommended to us by members (links go to Amazon):

What are you reading?

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