Happy National Cybersecurity Awareness Month!!

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in the US (read the full White House press release here)

Excerpting from the press release, President Obama says : “I call upon the people of the United States to recognize the importance of cybersecurity and to observe this month with appropriate activities, events, and trainings to enhance our national security and resilience.”

Looks like CISOs are jumping on the bandwagon too by leveraging the press/buzz this receives to drive security awareness at their respective organizations. From a recent thread in one of IREC’s discussion forums, we heard a variety of events CISOs are planning at their companies:
– Declaring a “Cybersecurity Day’ in October featuring an external expert speaker
– Interviews with company leaders on importance of cyber/information security that will be broadcast globally
– Tentcards in cafeterias and Cybersecurity awareness bookmarks
– Encouraging employees to complete the online security training module in October

In the age of information overload and flat budgets (the average company spends 2% of its security budget on employee awareness and training), it is very hard to get employees’ attention to matters such as secure behavior. I’m glad that the US Government drawing attention to this matter will provide a much-needed ‘hook’ for CISOs to draw attention to security in their companies.

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