The Future of Corporate IT: 5 Radical Shifts in IT Value, Ownership and Role

We here at IREC are part of the IT Practice of the Corporate Executive Board. The IT Practice has just released what is probably the most important research we have done in years: The Future of Corporate IT.

The Future of Corporate IT

Our research series on The Future of Corporate IT is based on interviews and surveys with IT and business leaders at over 200 organizations, and on our analysis of business, social, and technology trends. As a result, we find that there are five shifts underway that will radically change how technology is used to create value and how the IT function is structured and managed. These shifts will upend job descriptions across IT management and result in a massive translocation of IT do-ers.

The Five Radical Shifts

1. Information over Process
Competitive advantage from information technology will shift toward customer experience, data analytics, and knowledge worker enablement; consequently, information management skills will rise in importance relative to business process design.

2. IT Embedded in Business Services
Centrally provided applications and infrastructure will be embedded in business services and delivered by a business shared services organization

3. Externalized Service Delivery
Delivery will be predominantly externalized as vendors expand service provision and internal resources become brokers not providers.

4. Greater Business Partner Responsibility
Business unit leaders and end users will play a greater role in obtaining and managing technology for themselves where differentiation has more value than standardization.

5. Diminished Standalone IT Role
IT roles will embed in business services, evolve into business roles, or be externalized. Remaining IT roles will be housed in a business shared service group. The CIO position will expand to lead this group or shrink to manage IT procurement and integration.

Implications for Information Security

This section added after the original post.

We have a new series of posts about some of the ways these five shifts will affect the Information Security function.

Learn More

An executive summary of the work can be found here.

IREC members can download the 5 volume study and register for the series of teleconferences here.

Non-members can try for a limited number of seats to attend the teleconferences. Register here. Contact us for more information.

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