Protecting social media risks

Our recently conducted survey on social media policy and usage shows that of the over 17,000 end users surveyed at Fortune 500 companies, nearly 70% are using social media. Of these total end users we found:

  • 35% percent are accessing the social media on their mobile device, regardless of whether social media sites are blocked by the company
  • 15% are engaging in risky activities that are primarily work related such posting company or client information on consumer collaboration sites like Google docs
  • Usage of social media for these high risk activities is higher in the non-management and middle management ranks
  • Perception of social media risk is different from traditional end user IT risks like leaving laptop unsecured or sharing password

So what are the implications of these findings for the CISOs inundated with social media requests and looking for ways to mitigate social media risk?

Implication #1: Given a third of end users access social media through personal mobile devices at work, traditional blocking approaches will not work.

Implication #2: End user awareness is a key tool to manage end user risk and it should be specially targeted on end users using social media at work.

Implication #3: Unlike traditional IT risk awareness where senior management is usually least aware, social media training should focus on rank and file.

Implication #4: Finally, given that end users sometimes use the same social media space for both and personal work related activities; training needs to be more nuanced, and focus on both professional and personal usage of social media.

Members can learn more about our research in the social media space at our webinar Measuring End-User Social Media Behavior to Inform Policy Decisions on August 19. In addition we will discuss the social media results in more detail during the ongoing Annual Executive Retreat series.

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